Whip - stainless steel and leather

Whip - stainless steel and leather

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BDSM whip - leather straps - stainless steel handle with ball end

This handcrafted whip consists of an elegant stainless steel handle with a ball end, combined with straps made of oiled saddle leather. Saddle leather is one of the best leather qualities and is extremely durable and easy to care for. The whip will become your new companion for eternity.

It fits extremely well in the hand. This means it can be guided very precisely and specifically. The impact force can be optimally adjusted via the posture. A guaranteed impactful experience for both sides.

Choose from 20, 35 or 40 straps.


Stainless steel, leather

Strap length approx. 45cm
Belt thickness 5x5mm

Shaft length



20 pieces, 35 pieces, 40 pieces.