Delivery time and shipping costs of SM-Factory

Since 1995 we have been making all of our stainless steel and leather products by hand in our workshop in Germany. We adapt each individual piece to your body dimensions so that you can wear it at any time and for a lifetime. Our team runs the SM Factory mainly as a hobby and as a hobby. Please understand that we need a little time for production and sometimes for questions. We strive to process all inquiries as quickly as possible and to manufacture and ship all orders as quickly as possible.

Please note our production and delivery times!

Stainless steel collars: 6-8 weeks (more in exceptions)

Stainless steel sets: 8-16 weeks (more in exceptions)

Whips and accessories: 4-8 weeks (more in exceptions)

Leather collars and sets: 3-8 weeks (more in exceptions)

In order to make it as easy as possible for us to process orders, it is absolutely necessary to take the dimensions very carefully. If you are unsure about the dimensions, please send us an additional email with photos of the circumference measurement process so that we can read the number ourselves. In most cases, this solves all questions.

We look forward to your order!