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Rope collar

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BDSM Neck Ring - Twisted Stainless Steel Cable - Optional with Lock and Two Keys

This elegant and simple neck ring is made of an 8 mm thick twisted stainless steel cable. It features stainless steel closures and can be complemented with an O-ring pendant. The neck ring can be worn open with a plug connector or as a lockable version, which can only be opened with a key.

With this simple collar, the object of desire will never forget to whom it belongs, even in everyday life.

Measurement Guide

To ensure an accurate fit, we need your specific measurements. It's best to have someone assist with the measurement. Please follow these instructions and provide the measurements in centimeters and millimeters (cm, mm):

Neck Ring


Measure the neck circumference using a flexible measuring tape. Keep your head level and place the tape at the height of the larynx. Provide this circumference measurement in the designated field (cm, mm).

Keep your head straight and look forward while measuring.