Neck Ring - Segment

Neck Ring - Segment

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BDSM Neck Ring - Stainless Steel - Optional with O-Ring Segment

A simple and beautiful neck ring made of stainless steel. This elegant collar can be crafted with either 8 mm or 10 mm round material. It features a secured segment as a clasp. The clasp can easily be replaced with a simpler option, allowing it to be worn as a stylish accessory on any occasion.

Each neck ring is custom-fitted according to your measurements. They are handcrafted from refined chrome-manganese steel.

The effect of our stainless steel restraints is noticeable due to the weight of the material alone. Their precise craftsmanship ensures a perfect fit, making them suitable for extended wear. With this simple and elegant collar, one can discreetly wear their desire at all times.




8mm, 10mm


matt, poliert


O-Ring Segment


Measurement Guide

To ensure an accurate fit, we need your specific measurements. It's best to have someone assist with the measurement. Please follow these instructions and provide the measurements in centimeters and millimeters (cm, mm):

Neck Ring


Measure the neck circumference using a flexible measuring tape. Keep your head level while measuring and place the tape at the height of the larynx. Provide this circumference measurement in the designated field (cm, mm).

Keep your head straight and look forward while measuring.