Heaven's Hell - Waist Belt

Heaven's Hell - Waist Belt

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Stainless Steel Waist Belt with Optional O-Ring - Heaven's Hell - Lockable and with Two Keys

The waist belt from the Heaven's Hell series is a very special piece and new to our stainless steel restraints collection. Each waist belt is custom-made and adjusted by hand according to your measurements. Equipped with a hinge at the back and a visible lock at the front. The waist belt can be supplemented with an O-ring, which is attached to a removable stainless steel holder.

The impact of our stainless steel waist belts is noticeable due to the weight of the material alone. Additionally, their precise handcrafted finish ensures they fit perfectly, making them suitable for extended wear. With this waist belt, the object of desire will never forget to whom they belong.



Stainless Steel




40mm, 70mm




Gold-colored, Silver-colored


With Ring, With Screwed Eyelets


Measurement Instructions

For the precise creation of the stainless steel bands, we need your individual and exact measurements. It is advisable to have a second person assist with the measuring. Please follow these steps and provide the measurements in centimeters and millimeters (cm, mm) in the designated field in the following order (1) / 2) / 3)):

Waist Belt


Measure the circumference of your waist with a tape measure. It is particularly important that the tape measure does not cut in. For the 70mm version of the waist belt, a wide belt should be used for measuring, as the narrowest part of the waist would give a value that is too small. Please note this circumference value under 1).


Measure the width of your waist with a ruler. Note the value under 2).


Measure the depth of your waist with a ruler. Note the value under 3).